Ellie’s 6 month update: milestones, breastfeeding, & essentials

Wow. I cannot believe I have a 6 month old! I figured I would do a little 6 month update for our Ellie girl & share some milestones & baby products that have been key for us!

First of all, this girl has so much energy all the time. It can be exhausting, but it’s also SO FUN! She always wants to play & loves laughing & talking with us. Here are some milestones that she has hit:

  • She started sleeping in her crib in her room around 4 months
  • She started baby food (not a fan of anything green yet)
  • She is preferring bottle feeding now (which means a lot of pumping for me)
  • She rolls & scoots all over the place
  • She can sit up

Those are just a few of the things she’s been doing in the last few months. She also making so many new sounds all the time & laughing up a storm. She brings so much joy into our house!

Right before she hit the 6 month mark is when our breastfeeding journey hit a major bump that we have not yet recovered from. She was breastfeeding about 80% of the time & having bottles the other 20% on days that she didn’t come to work with me. Then a mixture of her being distracted & my milk not letting down quickly came all at once & breastfeeding pretty much came to a halt. I still try to breastfeed her at least once a day & we get one successful feed about once a week, but every other feed is a bottle of pumped milk. It’s been a little discouraging for me, but she’s still as happy & healthy as ever!

Okay, now onto the toys & products that keep our busy girl entertained all day!

There are a few different spots we circulate her through during the day to keep her busy. First is her little bouncy activity center. She loves to bounce around & talk to her toys! Once that gets old we move her to her walker. She loves that she can move around the house & explore. Our last go-to spot is on her play mat on the floor. She loves rolling around all over the place, so we have a large play mat that we put toys on to keep her entertained. Believe me, if she loved sitting in moms lap I would have her there, but that’s not really her thing lol.

We have so many teethers & toys it’s not even funny! These are the ones that she has been loving the past couple months!

Another go to for us is to go for a walk! Now that it’s cooling down a little in FL we love to go for walks in the early evening. We love our stroller system & the price cannot be beat! We have the EvenFlo Pivot system & its under $300 for a whole travel system (including an infant car seat).

I hope this is helpful for the mamas out there, especially the ones with busy little bees!

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