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Wow what a whirlwind this whole motherhood thing has been! We are almost to the 6 week mark & it’s been the most incredible journey. It’s been amazing, hard, emotional, and everything in between. We are so in love with our baby girl šŸ’•

Today I’m sharing out must have items for the first month! I was so lost when I started my registry, so I hope you find this helpful. These are the products we used multiple times a day to get us through the first month!

1.Dockatot/Boppy Lounger

This is a must! You need something transportable that you can lay baby in once their asleep so you can get stuff done! I did not plan on registering for either of these but thank God some friends gave them to us. We keep both in the living room & lay Ellie in them for her naps during the day.

2. Owlet Sleep Sock

If you are a worrier, you will definitely want this! If you haven’t heard of the Owlet, it tracks baby’s heart rate & oxygen level while they sleep. It gives me such peace of mind to be able to pop my Owlet app open & see that she’s okay without having to get up & check on her. This will come in even more handy when she’s sleeping in her room!

3. Kindee Bottle System

I love this system, because it’s so hassle free! You pump directly into the bags, lock the bag into the “bottle”, and then throw the bag away. No washing bottle after bottle. Plus, you don’t have to worry about transferring your milk from the storage bag to the bottle. The system comes with everything you need!

5. Boppy pillow & waterproof cover

Both of these are a must for nursing! I can’t get through a feed without my boppy…well I can, but my arm gets tired so fast šŸ˜‚ This helps position baby in a way that makes nursing much easier in my experience.

5. Flat head pillow

So, with all of the laying down newborn baby’s do it was a fear of mine that she would get a flat head & need a helmet. I simply lay this little pillow under her head when she’s laying in her dockatot or laying on her playmat. Jury is still out on whether or not it works, but no flat head yet!

6. Travel sound machine

This has been a lifesaver! We use this on her car seat, on her bassinet, and anywhere else we might need it. It definitely soothes her & helps her fall asleep. Plus it’s super cute!

7. Silicone milk saver

This was something my sister told me to register for, but I really didn’t understand what it was! Basically you can put this on the breast baby is not feeding from, or the one you’re not pumping, at the moment & it will catch the milk that comes out when your milk lets down. Milk will let down from both breasts at the same time, so instead of wasting that liquid gold, this nifty little device will catch it for you!

8. Boon drying lawn & accessories

This little drying station is a must! It’s perfect for pump parts, bottles, pacifiers, toys, everything baby needs! I use it multiple times a day seeing as I wash pump parts like a thousand times a day šŸ˜‚

The other things I think are essential are not brand specific, but I’m going to list them out:

  • Tons of burp cloths – We have about 25 & it doesn’t seem like enough!
  • Swaddles – It’s hard to know what kind of swaddle your little one is going to like, so I would buy a few different kinds & then stock up once you know. You’ll definitely want a good amount of muslin blanket swaddles no matter what though.
  • Extra pump parts – I did not have an extra set of parts for the first 2 weeks & I was washing parts like crazy. If you plan on pumping, an extra set of parts is a must!
  • Baby wrap – I have a Solly wrap, but it all depends on your preference. You’ll just want something that allows you to wear baby just in case baby won’t let you put them down & you need to get stuff done.
  • Nursing bras – I only had one nursing bra when I had Ellie & quickly learned I needed a lot more! I’ll link my favorites below.
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