2nd trimester recap

Wow! I cannot believe my 2nd trimester is over already! This pregnancy is just flying by!

The 2nd trimester has been so amazing & brought so many changes! I got my appetite back and then some! I’m pretty much hungry all the time, but can’t eat large amounts of food. So I just eat a lot of little snacks & small meals throughout the day. I also felt my energy start to come back around week 15. I was starting to feel like myself again. I even ran a 5k at 15 weeks!


While my energy levels were great, my hormones were not so great! I had some MOOD SWINGS! I felt myself getting very overwhelmed by silly little things and my poor husband. He is so patient & kind. I am forever grateful for the grace he has shown me through this pregnancy.

Around 15-16 weeks I started to feel the little flutters that everyone talks about! At first I wasn’t sure if it was gas, but I soon realized it was our sweet little babe moving around in there. Around week 19-20 those flutters were definitely more recognizable as kicks & other baby movements. Feeling the baby move is probably one of the most incredible feelings ever. Every time I feel her I just want to sit still & be in that moment.

Week 19 was probably the most exciting, because that’s when we had our anatomy scan & gender reveal! I was so excited & surprised to find out we are having a baby girl!


Honestly just getting see how much she grew from week 11 to week 19 was incredible. It amazes me to think about. God is so good!


Since the 20 weeks mark I feel like my hormones have calmed down a little & I’ve been able to keep it together a little better. Lol. Our competition season has started at work, so I’ve been traveling & working long days (14 hours sometimes), which I’m realizing my body is not bouncing back from as easily. I’ve been having tailbone pain & just overall uncomfortableness due to my growing belly.

At 24 weeks I had my glucose test to scan for gestational diabetes & I passed! I was nervous, because my main craving has been sweets. I was so relieved when I passed!

Around week 25 I started getting more uncomfortable and starting feeling what I thought was Braxton Hicks contractions. It started as the occasional stomach tightness when lifting heavy objects or working out. It started to become a more regular occurrence around 26 weeks. I was feeling the tightness throughout the day and even while laying down.

Right before hitting 27 weeks I decided to try to track my contractions one day and see how many I was having in an hour. I tracked for a solid 8 hours and some hours I would have 6 and other I would have 16. They were not painful at all. Just an overall tightness that lasted between 10-30 seconds. I called my doctor the day I hit 27 weeks and she told me to go into Labor & Delivery and get checked out. The test to rule out preterm labor was inconclusive and I was dilated about 1 1/2 centimeters (which is not uncommon, some women walk around 1-3 centimeters for months). They kept me for monitoring for 4 days and eventually sent me home not really knowing why my body is contracting so much. BUT as long as it doesn’t produce cervical change it’s okay.

I’m going to write a more in depth blog post about this whole experience soon, as it was a little traumatizing, but God is faithful & we made to that 28 week mark & entered into the 3rd trimester 🙌🏼 We are praising & thanking God every day that baby girl stays safe inside my belly!

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