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Happy weekend, guys!

I am so freaking excited about this post! I love sharing things that I truly love with you guys & I am absolutely loving my eyelash lift & tint from Emily at Wax & Wink (located at Blink Beautique)! If you’ve seen any of my IG stories, you already know this! Lol.

If you haven’t heard of a lash lift & tint, you might have heard of a lash perm. Ring a bell? Well, it’s been around for a long time, but is making a comeback! People are crazy about eyelash extensions, but if you’re looking for a less high maintenance option, look no further! Here are my before & after pictures…keep in mind that these first couple are just car selfies I snapped!

I have the exact same amount of makeup in both pictures! How crazy is that? And those are my actual lashes!

Here are 5 reason why I would chose a lift & tint over lash extensions any day:

  1. These are MY lashes. I don’t have to worry about messing them up!
  2. There is no maintenance in between visits. Extensions have to be washes a certain way & brushed, but nothing can mess these babies up!
  3. I can still wear all the eye makeup I want. If I want to amp up my look a little bit, I can still wear mascara.
  4. They look much more natural…probably because they’re real. Extension have a way of looking fake…because they are. I love the natural look of the lift & tint.
  5. You can go longer in between visits. Extensions have to be touched up ever 2-3 weeks, but a lift & tint can last up to 4 months (depending on the person). I’m curious to see how long mine lasts.

Emily at Wax & Wink is amazing! I can not say enough good things about her! She made me feel super comfortable & talked me through the whole process. I kept asking her, “What are you doing now?” & she would just explain every step. She was super easy to talk to & just look at her cute little set-up!

I would definitely say that some steps in the process were a little uncomfortable, but not anything I wouldn’t do again. Specifically, when she applied the dye to my lashes. A little bit got into my eye (which she warned me might happen) and all I had to do was let her know & she removed it. My eye burned for about a minute, but then it was fine. Emily is such a perfectionist & you can tell she just really wants you to love your lashes. She said the lash lift & tint is her favorite service! She has been doing it for years & she said she has over 20 clients who regularly get this service done. When you book your appointment at Blink Beautique, be sure to select Emily Garcia as your beautician, otherwise the code will not work at your appointment.

| Click here to book your appointment |

So, here are the logistics. It takes about 60 minutes. It costs $90. It’s so worth it! BUT y’all know I couldn’t leave you hanging without a discount code. So, when you go in for your appointment, just show Emily this blog post & you will receive 15% off your lash lift & tint! If you have any questions about my experience, ask away!

Okay, one last picture! I am wearing no eye makeup in this picture! I’m still shocked by that. And I can’t reiterate enough how amazing it is that they feel like my normal lashes!

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