Transitioning into fall + the heat

Hi guys!

It has been a minute! And by a minute I mean a couple of months. Lol. Life has been a bit crazy traveling all over the place for work & really diving head first into my job, so I took a little break from actually writing blog posts. But I’m excited to start back up again & try to get a new post on the blog once a week.

Today I’m going to share some little ways I’ve been adding fall into my wardrobe in this insane FL heat. I know it’s not just people in FL dealing with this, because I see people in other states talking about it every day on IG stories! So, here are my tips:

1. Just add booties

This look is a perfect example of taking a spring/summer piece & bringing it into fall by simply adding booties. Now, this look doesn’t scream fall, but it’s a small step in the right direction.

2. Tie it up with a flannel

Now, if I were to actually wear this flannel like a shirt I would die of heat exhaustion. But it’s the perfect touch of fall by just tying it around a little dress!

3. Fall textures in summer cuts

So, this is a leather mini skirt & a tank top sweater. Leather & knit are totally fall textures, but since they’re in a summer style I can handle the heat in them!

4. Add a lightweight cardi

If you live in a hot state, get yourself a super lightweight cardigan. You will wear it ALL.THE.TIME! I bought this one last year & have been wearing it nonstop ever since!


Booties under $25


Fall textures
Lightweight cardi’s

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  1. Love the 1st outfit!! <3

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