Trust & Obey

Hi everyone!

It has been a weird weekend here in Florida. I’m sure all of you watched as Florida took a beating from one of the strongest hurricanes ever. We were so fortunate in the Tampa area. By the time Irma hit us, it had weakened to a category 1 hurricane.

In today’s blog post I’m going to kind of talk about the process of deciding to stay, preparing for the storm, and hunkering down as it passed over.

The state of Florida started freaking about this storm about 5 days before it even hit us. Floridians don’t normally run from hurricanes, but in the wake of Harvey, we were definitely on edge. As we watched the storm progress, family members who live out of state, or already evacuated, started calling us to convince us to get out. Will & I did not feel an urgency to leave. Not because we were being careless & stubborn, but because we prayed about it & didn’t feel God telling us to leave.

By Friday night, the forecast didn’t look great & family members were panicked at the fact that we weren’t evacuating, which made me panic. I didn’t feel like we needed to leave, but everybody else telling me we did, made me feel like we were making the wrong decision. We had our hurricane shutters up & we had a plan in place in case it kept getting worse. We were as prepared as we could possibly be. Plus, the local officials were not telling us to evacuate.

I had a little melt down Friday night to which Will responded with some time in prayer. While we were praying, I felt God telling us to stay. I was crying, because I wanted to feel God telling us to leave, but I didn’t. Will felt the same way. My parents weren’t too happy, but we felt like we were walking in God’s will for us. We finished all of our preparations & had plenty of food & water. We packed our bags in case we needed to head to safer location.

Sunday morning after the 5 am advisory, we decided to head to our “safer location” to err on the side of safety. We hunkered down with friends & family. As we kept watching the news, Will & I felt God assuring us that we made the right decision. As the storm went on, the winds picked up & the rain came down, but God provided for us. He kept us & our families safe. We never lost power. We had no damage to our house. God is good.

We are so thankful for everyone who prayed for us throughout this storm. I know this is a long-winded blog post, but it was really on my heart to share this with you all. It is so important to trust & obey what God is telling you. Sometimes you just need to drown out all of the other voices & listen to him. That’s what I learned from Hurricane Irma.

It was amazing to see everyone come together to support our state. We have been so blessed! In the midst of this ugly storm, I got to the good that’s still left in the world. And let me tell you, there’s is still a lot of it!

Please keep Florida in your prayers as we pick up the pieces of the mess Irma left behind.


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